Slice RGB
Slice RGB
  • 画像をギャラリービューアに読み込む, Slice RGB
  • 画像をギャラリービューアに読み込む, Slice RGB

Slice RGB

税込 配送料は購入手続き時に計算されます。

Designed to be elegant, yet cost effective. This is a true DIY keyboard but uses all SMD components. The curves give it style, the build makes it a challenge, and the parts make it affordable for anyone.

Included Items:

  • PCB x2 (White or Blue)
  • 3mm clear acrylic top plates x2
  • 3mm clear acrylic bottom plates x2
  • Pro micro x2
  • OLED x2
  • YS-SK6812MINI-E LED x71
  • M2 Spacer x20
  • M2 screws x40
  • Diode x71
  • 0.1uF x37
  • 510 Ohm x2
  • TRRS Jack x2
  • Reset Switch x2
  • TRRS Cable x1 (white)
  • 15% off Coupon to Zap cables for a custom TRRS Cable

Items needed to complete this keyboard:

  • MX Compatible key switches
  • MX Compatible key caps
  • Micro USB cable

*Keyboard kit, not complete keyboard.