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Wind z75 Keyboard [GB]

Wind z75 Keyboard [GB]

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GB: 6月28日 to 7月12日
送料: 4-6月

Its appearance is simple yet stylish, with a streamlined body that exudes symmetrical aesthetics. It is no wonder that it won the Red Dot Design Award.
Adhering to our consistent minimalist and timeless classic design philosophy, we have created a new keyboard, the Z75.


  • Case material: 6063 ALU
  • Mounting Style: plate gasket mount
  • PCB material: black core board fr4, 1.6mm
  • PCB Modes: Wired hotswap, Bluetooth hotswap, Wired soldered
  • Plate: 1.5mm POM or 1.6mm aluminum
  • Kit weight: about 2.3kg, excluding switches and keycaps
  • Measurements: 36.5*16.64*4.18cm
  • Typing Angle: 7 degrees
  • Back weight blocks: Black or silver PVD

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