Plate and PCB Files


2Moons Open Source Keyboard File Clauses

  • The files are provided under the provided license. All license restrictions apply, such as absolutely no liability to any issues caused by these files.
  • Similarly, I do not guarantee whatsoever that the files are error-free, fully functional, and/or guaranteed to not change. The files may be updated and/or removed at any point in the future.
  • The files are provided as-is, with no tailoring done for any specific means of manufacturing, feature, or modification. It is highly recommended to modify the files to suit your exact production method and requirements.
  • I do not release the files with the primary intent of supporting large scale third party sales. Any sale of products derived from the files must be done completely under your own responsibility, including customer support for such products. I will not be responsible for any customer support for such third-party products, and will not be held liable to guaranteeing compatibility with such products in future revisions of the files.
  • I do not release these files with the primary intent of them being used as part of another project unrelated to their original purpose, such as fitting them into another product. Under no circumstances will I be content with such behavior.
  • If there is no licence applied to a particular project or it's parent project then Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International will be assumed to be applied.

  • These clauses may be updated at any time. The latest version available will apply regardless of which version the files were obtained with.


I agree to all the above clauses: