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Wind X98 R2 [Extras]

Wind X98 R2 [Extras]

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Wired Hotswap PCB

Package Includes:

  • X98 keyboard case(top case/bottom case)
  • 1.5mm PC Plate
  • PC front accent piece
  • X PVD logo
  • Foam kit(1mm poron + 2mm poron + 2mm hotswap foam + 0.5mm IXPE sheet + 3.5mm poron)
  • Gateron stabilizers set(6*2U, 1*6.25U)
  • Brass weight
  • User guide
  • Accessories Bag

Wind X98 R2 Keyboard Feature:

  • Provide streamlined and familiar typing experience with 2U 0 key.
  • Visual symmetry by keeping the arrow keys level with the rest of the board.
  • 3 customizable keys on the left side of numpad
  • A PVD logo brings more visual enjoyment
  • Top mount ,plate gasket mont

WIND X98 R2 Keyboard Specification:

  • Size: 40.75*14.4*3.6cm
  • 7° Typing angle
  • 65% + Numpad + F Row
  • TOP mount and Plate gasket mount design
  • Price:Wired $320,Bluetooth $335
  • PCB:1.6mm no flex cut black core board fr4.
  • Case material:E-White+E-Pink(6063Alu, cataphoresis), E-White+E-White(6063Alu, cataphoresis), Creamy white(6063Alu, cataphoresis)+Brown 7584u(6063Alu, anodized), Black+Black(6063Alu, anodized), Grey 416U+Blue 288U (6063Alu, anodized), Semitransparent(PC)
  • Plate: 1.5mm
  • WIND X98 R2 Wired Polling Rate: 1000hz
  • Wired pcb support VIAL
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