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Wind SIN65 [GB]

Wind SIN65 [GB]

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GB: 19日 9月 to 19日 10月 2023
出荷予定日: 2024 Q1

The Sinx formula Graph has been used in our mathematics learning throughout our school days. The image of the sinx formula Graph is a beautiful wavy curve, Centered on the origin of the X-axis and Y-axis,it extends upwards and downwards, forming a wavy shape that resembles peaks and valleys. Speaking of this, if you haven't been in touch with friends who forgot the sin formula for a long time, the image of the function will definitely appear in your mind, oh, it turned out to be this, remember it.


  • Size: 33.6*12*3.35cm
  • 7° Typing angle
  • 65% Layout
  • TOP mount and PCB gasket mount design
  • Price:Wired $288,Bluetooth $308
  • PCB:1.6mm black core board fr4. Wired hotswap, bluetooth hotswap, wired soldered available
  • Case material:
    Black, grey 445C,orange 1655C (6063Alu,anodized)
    Off-white,Green(6063Alu, cataphoresis)
  • Plate: 1.5mm PC and alu plate both provide
  • SIN65 Bluetooth PCB polling rate: 125hz
  • SIN65 Wired Polling Rate: 1000hz
  • Wired pcb support VIAL

PCB Layout:

Structural View:


  • TOP Case
  • Bottom Case
  • PCB
  • PC plate
  • alu plate
  • Foam Kit(1mm Poron+2mm hotswap
  • IXPE sheet+3.5mm poron)
  • Weight
  • accessories

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