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KKB Skidata Neo [GB]

KKB Skidata Neo [GB]

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GB time 4/30 - 6/2
GB delivery 3-4mo after GB ends; Q4 2024

Time to remake another classic. Skidata is an oldie, but a goodie. Based on the iconic blue whale POS board made by the German technology company, Skidata. A beautiful and classy way to dress up the desk in dark grey and orange.

Base kit:

  • Includes support for alice, limited 40s, HHKB, etc.

Nordeuk kit:

  • Get this for that authentic skidata look.

Alert kit:

  • With cooooolllll translucent keycaps

R5 kit:

  • Will consider adding this to base to replace R4.

Relegendables kit:

  • Includes front print from ESC to F12 and 10 blanks.


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