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Top Case

GB: 11月28日 - 12月10日
送料 100サイズ
Delivery: 2月2024

IRISLab aims to let customers experience better custom kits at a valuable price so that more members can enjoy the fun of custom keyboards. And the most popular layout of customized keyboards is 65%, 75%, and 80%, so the third project is an 80% keyboard. The JRIS adopted simple and beautiful design concepts, reflected in JRIS65 and JRIS75. JRIS80 will be more different from previous products to show our progress and ideas while being beautiful and practical.

WK and WKL are both available.
The layout supports F13 Key + Tsangan Bottom Row, which looks more symmetrical, harmonious, beautiful, and compact. In the position of the Pause key, it can be used as a custom module, which we will provide as add-ons to make JRIS80 more functional.
Adopts a LED light strip with a Gold PVD stainless steel strip to improve the display of RGB to be more unique and beautiful on the front.

The simple and smooth design showed the original intention of JRIS80: Simple and Clean.

The JRIS80 still adopts the 2 weights but with a different design. We connected the previous large and small weights to form a closed rectangle with an inverted triangle weight inside. We use rectangles to express the concept of completeness and inverted triangles to express the sense of stability and strength. It also represents that the JRIS product series has finally completely covered 65%, 75%, and 80% layout.

Typing angle: 7.5°
Front height: 18 mm
Material: Full CNC 6063 Aluminum
Dimension: 360*139*34mm
Structure: PCB Gasket
QMK/VIA Supported(wired)
Support PCB stabilizers

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