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GMK TeraDrive [GB]

GMK TeraDrive [GB]

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Reviving this SEGA Superstar

As with all vintage inspired sets its important to know where they’ve originated. The Sega HTR-2106, a variant of the ALPS buckling spring Model M, shipped with the Sega Teradrive - a console seeking to merge games into the daily use of the PC.

GMK TeraDrive is loyal to the source material with a deep, dark grey contrasting its warm, dusty mid tone grey mods. Even without the context of the Model M this set feels straight off a board from the early 90s. On offer is also the JIS Mod kit seeking to help you recreate the real deal!

Group Buy: 17/01/22 - 17/02/22

発送予定日: Q1 2023


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