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FjordBoard 75% Keyboard [GB]

FjordBoard 75% Keyboard [GB]

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GB 4月28日 - 5月12日

発送予定日: 9月

FjordBoard is a top-mounted 75% keyboard that removed the PrtSc, Pause, Ins, End, PgUp, and PgDn keys. In the place of the Ins-PgDn keys are replaced with a slider that has knob-like functionality without the overused knob.


  • Mounting Style: Top-mount
  • Layout: 75%
  • Typing angle: 5° 
  • Top case material: Aluminum 
  • Bottom case material: Aluminum
  • Weight material: Brass
  • Default plate: FR4
  • Weight: 2.2kg (Unassembled)
  • Dimensions:  320 x 138 x 33 mm


  • Well-padded carrying case
  • Top aluminum piece
  • Bottom aluminum piece
  • Brass weight 
  • Silver knob for slider
  • Hot swap PCB (ANSI and ISO)
  • Slider; pre-soldered to PCB
  • FR4 Plate (ANSI and ISO)
  • All screws needed to build the board
  • Allen keys for all the screws

A product of Bears and Companies LLC

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