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DR-70F Keyboard [GB]

DR-70F Keyboard [GB]

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GB: 2月1日 - 3月1日
  • Size:401.9X116.2X32.4mm
  • Typing angle: 
  • Material: 6063alu
  • Split main area,arrow area,function area
  • Layout:70%+5%, arrow area and function area can be rotated and switched,one keyboard two layouts
  • Structure:PCB gasket mount,Sandwich mount
  • Gasket mount plate: 1.5mm,PC,three split parts.
  • Sandwich mount plate:1.5mm Alu,anodised gold
  • PCB: 1.6mm, bluetooth pcb include 6400mah battery.
  • Polling rate:1000hz in wired mode,800hz in bluetooth mode.
  • Bluetooth PCB Latency Rate:1.25ms
  • Programming Support: wired in VIAL, bluetooth pcb in LDN.

Package Includes

  • 1*Top case
  • 1*Bottom case
  • 1*Middle frame(Ano blue keyboard with black color middlle frame, Orange keyboard with silver middlle frame)
  • 1*Weight(Ano blue keyboard with black PVD weight, Orange keyboard with silver pvd weight)
  • 1*Pc led strip
  • 1*Mirror piece
  • 1*PCB (bluetooth pcb with 6400mah battery installed in the battery slot)
  • 2*Type-c daughterboard
  • 1* Pc plate for gasket mount
  • 1*Foam kit
  • 1*Accessories bag
  • 1*User guide

Note: It does not include stabilizers,switches or keycaps. You need to buy 4pcs 2u, 1pcs 6.25U or 7U screw in stabilizers 1.6mm.

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