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DCS Reaper Deskmats [Extras]

DCS Reaper Deskmats [Extras]

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DCS Reaper is a set inspired by Death AKA The Grim Reaper.  The Grim Reaper has had many representations in pop culture and literature, one of my favorites being the one found in Discworld by the late Terry Pratchett, but one thing is clear, when Death comes for you, it means your time on this Earthly plane has run out.  I tried to capture the feeling of how Death is often portrayed, coming from the shadows, cloaked in a black cowl, only thing visible are his hands and face, carrying a scythe, knowing he has come to reap the souls of those whose time has run it.  To capture this feeling I have gone with a dark grey on black monocolored set but with a few bone white novelties (created by OneCreativeMind) that are a stark contrast to the black.  The set is once again in my personal favorite DCS profile and manufactured by Signature Plastics using their double shot abs molds.
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