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Class80 Keyboard [GB]

Class80 Keyboard [GB]

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The Class80 builds on the big bezel design of the Class65 and intensify the chonk. It measures 39.34cm*18.9cm and the big boy weighs about 3.5kg unbuilt. In addition, we made a 1.6cm slope on the front edge to make the typing angle of the board to .

    For colors we retained the much loved retro E-white and Ano-black of the Class65 and added a E-Red to the selection.


Kits List

  • Alu keyboard case
  • E-white&red FC controller weight(Alu)
  • Plate:1.5mm PCB-Mount stabilizer Plate-PC(One PCB-Mount stabilizer Plate-PC is included in the kit. If you need other plate, you can buy extra)
  • Plate foam:5mm+3.5mm poron plate foam
  • Switch foam: 0.5mm ixpe
  • PCB:1.6mm Solder/Hot-swap/LDN BLE (Hot-swap)
  • Type-c Ai03 daughter board
  • Case foam and battery room foam:poron
  • Gasket poron
  • Bumpons
  • Screwsand tools
  • Solenoid and Buzzer(Wired version only)
  • 5000 mAh Battery (BLE version only)
  • 1*Class80 Sticker Badge
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