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Class60 Keyboard [GB] by MM Studio

Class60 Keyboard [GB] by MM Studio

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Top Case
GB 6月15 - 6月30
送料: 90~120日

Origin of Retro custom keyboard-MM Class60

During the brainstorming phase for our latest undertaking, our designer serendipitously stumbled upon an ancient manuscript regarding the Symbolics Computer, and therein, the inspiration for the Class60 was conceived.

We've meticulously crafted this keyboard to invoke a vintage aesthetic while integrating contemporary functionality. From the ergonomic keycaps to the durable metal frame, the Class60 exudes a sense of nostalgia while preserving the functionalities of a modern-day keyboard.

We take immense pride in our artistry and attention to detail, and we believe the MM-Class60 Retro Custom Mechanical Keyboard will evoke a sense of sentimentality and function in our customers.

Box Content:

  • Top Case
  • Bottom Case
  • Brass Weight & Battery cover
  • SS Badge
  • PCB + daughterboard (capacitive PCB incl. domes & sliders)
  • Plate
  • Foam kit


     Size: 314.77mm x 136.2mm x 18.7mm

     Typing angle: 

     Front height: 18.7-21.1mm

     Assembly weight: About 2.4kg

     Case material: 6063 Alu

     Battery cavity cover: Transparent Electrophoresis Brass

     Leaf-spring material: Stainless Steel + phosphor bronze

     PCB: Wired Soldered PCB, Wired Hotswap PCB, 64 Hotswap PCB, EC capacitive PCB

     Colors: Ano Silver, Ano Red, Ano Black, Ano Navy, Ano Grey

E-Retro White

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