OLED Pin Replacement Ez Mode (R2 GB Not Necessary

OLED will need their pins replaced with the low profile pins provided. Here is an easy way of accomplishing this: Pics to come You'll need.
  • Solder Sucker or Desoldering gun.
  • Third Hand (Optional)
Unwrap the OLED display from its original bag. You'll notice a set of 4 pins already attached. Let's remove them. Here are the steps:
  1. Take your snips and pinch them in between the pins to separate the pins individually.
  2. Take a solder sucker to the top solder joints and remove the solder as best as possible.
  3. Heat up one pin at a time from the top and use your snips to pull each pin downward one at a time.
  4. After all pins are removed, remove any excess solder from the holes of the OLED
  5. Take the new low profile pins and insert them into the oled holes.
  6. Slide the pin set in from the bottom. Solder the new pins on the top of the OLED.
  7. Finished!

Note: I found that once the pins are separated from their black plastic housing they will remove very easily instead of struggling to remove them all at once as a unit. Once the black plastic is cut between the pins may fall off which will help when finding an area to grab onto the pins with a pinch or a snips